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Service: Websites
Conditions of Engagement


I will work hard to create a website that suits your project / practice / organisation’s needs and aesthetics.

Communication from both you and myself should be clear, open, honest and respectful.


I will be responsible for:

  • Design of website

  • Set up of:

    • Main pages (Homepage, About, Contact, etc)

    • SEOs

    • Galleries*

    • Search results*

    • Dynamic pages*

    • Content Manager*

    • Online shop*

    • Forms*

    • Connection to social media / newsletter subscriptions*

  • Construction: importing all relevant content and finalising all details

  • Delivering a short training overview of your site

*If relevant to your site’s needs.

You will be responsible for:

  • Providing basic information on project / practice / organisation

  • Providing examples of websites and designs you like

  • Providing content for website (images, statements, etc).

Responding to questions and requests in a timely manner. (Slow responses may result in extra work. Any additional hours will be added to invoice).

  1. ​Preliminary meeting

  2. Quote

  3. Request preliminary content

  4. Initial design development

  5. 1st Revision

  6. Continue developing design

  7. 2nd Revision

  8. Request remainder of content

  9. Set-up and construction

  10. Mini-revision

  11. Finalise site

  12. Short training overview


At the start of every project, I have a meeting with you to understand your project / practice / organisation. We’ll figure out what services your website needs to deliver and how you would like the project / practice / org to be represented. I’ll ask you to send me examples of websites and designs you like.

Once I have an idea of what you’re after, I will provide you with a quote and, if you accept, we will continue.

I will request some preliminary content from you so I can create the initial design. Following this, we will have our first revision where you will be able to give feedback on what is and isn’t working.

I will make all changes and provide a second design. Here we will have our second revision. Once the design is approved, you will need to send me all the content needed for the site (I will let you know exactly what is needed). I will set-up and construct the remainder of the website.

Before the site is totally complete, we will have a mini-revision where you will have the opportunity to make some final small changes. I will then complete the website.

Finally, we will meet for a short training overview so you can be in control of your site.


I host websites on Wix because it’s a user-friendly platform. Once the site is complete, I will give you a short training overview of your site so that you will be able to make updates yourself rather than having to rely on me or someone else to make changes when you need them. This reduces your on-going expenses and gives you more independence.


Hourly rate = $55

Depending on your site’s needs and communication during the project, a website can take anywhere between 20-60 hours to design, set-up and construct.

After our preliminary meeting, I will provide a quote including:

  • Preliminary meeting in-kind

  • Estimated min.-max. hours to design, set-up and construct website

  • 2 revisions and 1 mini-revision*

  • Short training overview of site in-kind

If you’re happy to continue working together, the first 50% of the quote must be paid up front. Once website is complete, I will invoice you for the remaining hours which will need to be paid before I give you the short training overview of your site.

Website hosting and domain name are not included in the quote. See Wix for pricing plans.

*Mini-revision = up to one hour of work. After these allocated revisions, any changes will be charged additionally at hourly rate.


Any meetings cancelled or postponed within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting will incur a one-hour cancellation fee ($55) which will be added to the final invoice.

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