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I can help find a grant for your project, review a grant you've written, provide support from beginning to end, or assess a round of applications.

I have extensive experience in this area, having secured over $2M in government funding for artists and organisations, and assessing hundreds of applications over the past five years. My aim is to help you find and/or secure funding that suits your project's needs.


What: Finding grants that are suitable and relevant to your project.

For: Those who have a creative project they want funding for, but don’t have a grant to apply to.

What you get: 1-2 page document detailing:

  • A list of grants you can/can’t apply for based on your practice/project’s eligibility

  • Grants I recommend you apply for now and/or in the future

  • Links and details to those grants and funding bodies

Looking for funding but your project isn't fully formed yet? Have a look at my Project Development Pack 


What: Reviewing your grant to provide tips and advice on what will make it a stronger application.
For: Those who are submitting a grant and have at least finished writing a first draft of their submission.
What you get: Comments and advice on your application to make it stronger.


What: Support developing and writing a grant application for your creative project.

For: Those who have a well-developed project and specific grant they know they can apply for, but need support writing and completing the application.

What you get: I can do the following things for you, depending on what you need:

  • Grant writing

  • Liaising with grant officers during application process

  • Budget review and finalising

  • Cohesive presentation of support material

  • Grant submission process​


Note: I need at least 4 weeks notice before any grant deadline to ensure I can do the job to the best of my abilities.


What: Assessing grants, EOI's and any other creative project applications.

For: For groups, organisations, funding bodies - anyone running an application round.

What you get: An experienced assessor who has assessed applications for federal, state and local organisations.

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