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Connection is key
#2: Can I get a hand, pls?

3 skills development workshops for independents
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Tues 5th Oct, 5-7:30pm
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Tues 12th Oct, 5-7:30pm
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$30* per workshop

*with concessions if cost is a barrier - click on workshops for more details

Connection is key is a series of public get-togethers to better connect our local arts sector in the hope that it will help us work more sustainably.

From these sessions, I hope to support our local sector to connect more, figure out ways that we can better utilise each other's skills, avoid unnecessary recurring issues, and ultimately help you (and us) to work more sustainably without burning out/freaking out/feeling totally lost in this big scary thing we call the Arts.
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This project is part of my Fellowship, awarded by Arts NT.

With thanks to Watch This Space for their moral and logistical support. 

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