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#1: What do you need support with? Let's talk – together.

Date: Tuesday 3rd August

for* organisations** / community group

for* independent artists / makers / sole traders

Where: Watch This Space, 8 Gap Rd, Mparntwe / Alice Springs

with some financial support for unwaged attendees

Contact: for any questions

An info / brainstorming / understanding / connecting session
Connection is key is a series of public get-togethers to better connect our local arts sector* in the hope that it will help us work more sustainably.

In this first session, we'll focus on the logistical/practical/ creative things you're struggling with on a regular basis. This will be divided into two separate sessions: one for orgs and groups; another for independents. We'll talk about what you're unsure about, what you don't have the capacity to do (but need to do nonetheless), what services or skills you offer, what options are out there, and more.

From these sessions, I hope to support our local sector to connect more, figure out ways that we can better utilise each other's skills, avoid unnecessary recurring issues, and ultimately help you (and us) to work more sustainably without burning out/freaking out/feeling totally lost in this big scary thing we call the Arts*.

*These sessions are not solely for orgs or individuals in the Arts. They are open to anyone in not-for-profit/community/grass-roots organisations, small-medium businesses or individuals working in unconventional structures, etc. It's pretty open, really.

**Staff, Board members and Volunteers welcome :)

Registration closed
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This project has been supported by NTG through ArtsNT's Creative Fellowship program.

With thanks to Watch This Space for their moral and logistical support. 

Connection is key

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