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#2: Can I get a hand, pls?

A workshop on grant applications
We’ll walk through the various steps to applying for a grant, share some hot tips and workshop your own application for some hands-on learning and support.
When: Tuesday 28th Sept, 5-7:30pm
Where: Watch This Space, 8 Gap Rd, Mparntwe / Alice Springs

For those living remotely, we'll set up Zoom so you can join in.

For: Independent practitioners in the arts / community sector

Does this apply to me?  If you are paid by an organisation and your job involves applying for grants, unfortunately this is not for you. (If you'd like support with this, your org can get in touch with me to run a workshop). However, if you're part of a volunteer community group, you are welcome. If you're still not sure if "independent" applies to you, get in touch with me and we can figure it out together.

Cost: $30

My intention is not to exclude anyone from opportunities to learn. If this cost doesn't work for you, don't let money be a barrier – please contact me to discuss other options that work for both of us :)

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This project is part of my Fellowship, awarded by Arts NT.

With thanks to Watch This Space for their moral and logistical support. 

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