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Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts
Independent Arts Worker with a focus on contemporary and community arts practices 


What I can help you with

My mission
To embolden and support you in achieving your goals through methods that are sensitive to your needs, values and capacity. I work hard to enable you to reach your potential and operate sustainably.

Who I work with

Lots of different people! Independent artists, community groups, small-medium businesses, not-for-profits, grass-roots and arts organisations, and more.
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I (she/her) am a practicing Visual Artist and Arts Worker based in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. I was the Director of Watch This Space Artist-Run-Initiative for four years before going Independent where I now work with a wonderful range of artists, small-medium businesses, community groups, not-for-profits, grass-roots and arts organisations.

I am a first-generation Australian with Russian, Canadian and Dutch roots.
I was born in Sydney on the lands of the Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora Nation.
I am now based in Mparntwe/Alice Springs on Arrernte Country in Central Australia.

Professional History
Recent career highlights include receiving the 2021 Arts NT Fellowship; a place in the 2021 Future Leaders Program by the Australia Council for the Arts; recent solo exhibition, A Portrait of People Caring About Things, at RAFT artspace; developing and facilitating skills development workshops, as part of self-guided project, Connection is Key, to support Central Australian independent arts practitioners; securing Australia Council Four Year Funding for Watch This Space; securing an accumulated $2M in government and philanthropic funding for artists and arts organisations; and launching a self-published artist book.
My professional history includes roles as Director of Watch This Space; Strategic Development for The Black Wreath; Central Australian Correspondent for Off The Leash; peer assessing for the Australia Council, Regional Arts Fund and local arts institutions, plus a whole lot more. I have undertaken professional development in Governance, Arts Access, Fundraising and Digital Marketing. I am part of The Bath House studio collective and am proudly on the Board of GUTS Dance Central Australia.

Recent Clients
  • 8CCC Community Radio
  • Alice Sings
  • Alice Springs Street Art Festival
  • Alice Springs World Chamber Orchestra
  • Ghost Gum Rhythm & Blues Festival
  • GUTS Dance
  • JAT Illustrational
  • Katy Moir Designs
  • National Association for Visual Arts (NAVA)
  • NextWave
  • Off The Leash Magazine
  • Paul Ah Chee
  • RAFT artspace
  • Red Hot Arts
  • Regional Arts Australia
  • Spinifex Skateboards
  • Stick Mob Studios
  • The Black Wreath

Note: Not all clients have been publicised.


Art: in its many forms and expressions.
Community: helping us belong, be nurtured and contribute to things bigger than ourselves.
Capacity building: to create and share important / moving / special things with one another.
Sustainability: so as to not burn-out and lose amazing thinkers, makers and doers.

  • Critical & strategic thinker: I am driven by moral values and inspired by critical conversations. I am consistently reflective, allowing me to dissect and understand issues deeply so I can make considered decisions that positively impact communities. My creativity and critical thinking means I am strong at strategising, problem solving, conceiving new concepts and designing plans.
  • Dedicated achiever: I am a diligent worker, meeting high standards and approaching all projects with a great deal of care and attention. I am detail oriented and adaptive, allowing me to work independently, respond to unexpected challenges and reach important goals.
  • Nurtures relationships: I deeply value relationships and connecting with others. As an attentive and empathic listener, I create space for others to share their experiences. By understanding people’s needs and challenges I make informed decisions that support the individual, organisation and/or community.
  • Emboldens others: I cultivate potential and embolden others by recognising and valuing their strengths and achievements, helping them work to the best of their abilities and achieve strong outcomes for themselves and their work. I support people by providing encouragement, practical assistance, sharing knowledge and connecting them to relevant resources and networks.
  • Artistic sensibility: I constantly draw on my creativity to strengthen my work. Valuing experimentation, I sensitively approach projects from different angles to achieve outcomes that are both appropriate and inspiring. My various artistic technical skills and strong understanding of visual communication enable me to present information and projects in engaging and meaningful ways.

My Artistic Practice
With a practice based in drawing, I primarily work in areas of painting, works on paper, printmaking, soft sculpture, installation and community engagement. Underpinning my work is a concern with emotion and its capacity to facilitate introspection and change. Informed by personal and collective experiences, I confront social and environmental issues hoping to create intimate anti-patriarchal acts that stimulate contemplation and reflection within both the viewer and myself.
Consulting and Hands-On Support
Project Development, Strategic Planning, Facilitation and more.
As a consultant I help you work through your project, carefully considering your capacity, needs and values throughout the process. I have skills in project development, strategic planning, facilitation and more, holding empathy, honesty and collaboration in high regard throughout my practice.
For those who need that extra support, I also offer hands-on support to get your project rolling and ensure it has the best chance of achieving its goals.

Areas of experience, interest and expertise:
  • Contemporary, Community and Regional Arts
  • Production (development, design and delivery of projects/events/services)
  • Grants and Fundraising
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Governance
  • Small Business
Specific services
Project Development Pack
What: Strategic support to plan and develop viable creative projects.
For: Individual Artists/Creatives with an idea (even if just the very beginnings) but need help fleshing it out. Particularly suitable for those seeking funding.
Timeframe: Over 3 weeks we will have one 2hr session per week
What you get:
  • Session 1: Discovery / brainstorming
  • Session 2: Fleshing out the project details (timeline, budget, etc)
  • Session 3: Researching funding and/or other revenue streams to support the project
  • Constructive homework between sessions to build momentum and ensure you get the most out of our time together.
  • A written overview of your project
Illustration and Design
Marketing Material, Websites, Reports, Presentations and more.
As a practicing artist, I bring my skills and passion for visual communication to present your work in engaging and meaningful ways. 
Examples of work
Research, Review, Writing & Assessing
I can help find a grant for your project, review a grant you've written, provide support from beginning to end, or assess a round of applications.

I have extensive experience in this area, having secured over $2M in government funding for artists and organisations, and assessing hundreds of applications over the past five years. My aim is to help you find and/or secure funding that suits your project's needs.
Specific Services
What: Finding grants that are suitable and relevant to your project.
For: Those who have a creative project they want funding for, but don’t have a grant to apply to.
What you get: 1-2 page document detailing:
  • A list of grants you can/can’t apply for based on your practice/project’s eligibility
  • Grants I recommend you apply for now and/or in the future
  • Links and details to those grants and funding bodies
Note: Looking for funding but your project isn't fully formed yet? Have a look at my Project Development Pack service.
What: Reviewing your grant to provide tips and advice on what will make it a stronger application.
For: Those who are submitting a grant and have at least finished writing a first draft of their submission.
What you get: Comments and advice on your application to make it stronger.
What: Support developing and writing a grant application for your creative project.
For: Those who have a well-developed project and specific grant they know they can apply for, but need support writing and completing the application.
What you get: I can do the following things for you, depending on what you need:
  • Grant writing
  • Liaising with grant officers during application process
  • Budget review and finalising
  • Cohesive presentation of support material
  • Grant submission process​
Note: I need at least 4 weeks notice before any grant deadline to ensure I can do the job to the best of my abilities.
What: Assessing grants, EOI's and any other creative project applications.
For: For groups, organisations, funding bodies - anyone running an application round.
What you get: An experienced assessor who has assessed applications for federal, state and local organisations.
Half-day skills development workshops, delivered to your organisation's team or community
I offer a range of half-day skills development workshops for organisation's to present to their team or community.

I have collaborated with industry professionals to develop and co-facilitate these sessions. In doing so, we bring knowledge that is relevant to the area of development (e.g. Marketing) combined with my knowledge of the Arts, understanding the sensitivities to this sector. Together, the co-facilitators and I have created workshops that are informative, thoughtful and engaging.

These sessions can be delivered at your venue at introductory or advanced levels depending on your team or groups' needs.
Specific workshops offered
Description: We’ll walk through the various steps to applying for a grant, share some hot tips and workshop your own application for some hands-on learning and support.​
About Facilitator: I have extensive experience in this area, having secured over $2M in government funding for artists and organisations, and assessing hundreds of applications over the past five year for federal, state and local government.
Description: This workshop will cover some of the financial essentials needed for independent practitioners. We'll guide you through invoicing, super and GST, financial forecasting, budgets, and more, and provide hands-on support so you can apply what you've learnt to your own practice.
About Co-Facilitator: Erin Chew is a Chartered Accountant with a background in financial accounting. She has spent the majority of her career working in the entertainment & media sector alongside a wide variety of individuals and businesses. She enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge with non-finance folk and in turn, she loves learning about industries outside of her own!
Note: Erin is not a tax agent and is therefore unable to provide tax advice.
Marketing & Communications
Description: This workshop is about how to share and communicate what you do. We'll look at ways of becoming more comfortable with the idea of promoting you and your practice in an authentic way and, together, we’ll work on your messaging and help you identify the best channels to share your work and build your audience.
About Co-Facilitator: Jamie Toyne has coached and consulted hundreds of entrepreneurs globally, helping them start, develop, grow and exit their businesses. He currently runs a development program for First Nations enterprises here in Central Australia.
"Working with Zoya has been such a weight off. Really clear communication process and Zoya has always created for us a really beautiful product that reflects the conversations we have and that captures the essence of the project."
– Alice Sings, Community Choir
"Zoya has been so encouraging and helpful in setting up my website. It is a daunting process and she has been integral to an outcome that I'm completely happy with. She has been very patient and has gone the extra mile to make sure I can manage it myself in the future. Her price is very reasonable. If you're looking to get a website I highly recommend her."
– J9, Artist
"Zoya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all of her work which I admire and respect greatly, but beyond this, her kindness and understanding of people coupled with her tenacity and drive makes her an exceptional person to work with."
– GUTS Dance, Contemporary Dance Organisation
Rates and Ethics
As an Independent Arts Worker, I'm passionate about working with a range of people and organisations, including those working on the ground. As such, I offer sliding scale rates for Independent arts practitioners and voluntary community organisations. 
I sincerely apologise that I do not have a plain-format version of my blog which includes details to Resources, Opportunities and News. However, I do have a triannual (3 times a year) newsletter that includes external links to resources and opportunities, and this newsletter can be translated into plain-format if signing up to that is of interest to you. (Click the second link below to sign up)
Apologies again for not having the resources or skills to create a plain-format version of the blog for you to access right now. Hopefully one day soon!
Living on Arrernte Country.
Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.
Website © Zoya Godoroja-Prieckaerts, 2021. All rights reserved.

Rates and Ethics
Illustration and Design
Professioal History
Recent Clients
My Artistic Practice
Consulting and Hands-On Support
Project Development Pack
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